Smoke Hood Exhaust System for sale

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Smoke Hood Exhaust System for sale

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Quick detail
Boton Smoke hood exhaust system is mainly applied to kitchen cooking fumes and grease vapors filtration. These include restaurants with wok burners, deep fryers, broilers, griddles and grills. Boton鈥檚 wall-mounted range hood smoke filter helps to solve air pollution problem and reach the local environmental policy.
Company information
Foshan BotonAir Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in smoke hood exhaust system (wall-mounted range hood smoke filter). We are committed to design and manufacture products which enhance particulate air pollution control and achieve optimized performance and try to provide you with a high efficiency solution for your commercial kitchen exhaust gas disposal problems.
Why choose us
Boton wall-mounted range hood smoke filter is type of industrial kitchen hood. This hood style ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) is a great quality ventilation unit. It utilizes high voltage electrostatic ionization technology to eliminate the smoke, grease & odor emission. The unique canopy integration allows you to save space in your kitchen, eliminating the need for external filtration systems.

Working principle
Electrons are emitted from cathode in high-voltage electric field, and then in the process of electrons collision with air molecules, the anions are generated in order to capture the soot particles. So the soot particles are charged. Under the electric field, those charged soot particles are absorbed by anode so as to achieve the goal of removing the fumes.
Shaped like a kitchen canopy exhaust hood, the electrostatic precipitator can be installed directly over the cooking appliance. When using this device, it is not necessary to purchase a conventional exhaust hood, other air pollutants such as smoke and dust can also be collected by the ESP. Processed exhaust gas should be emitted into well ventilated open areas. Contact your distributor for advice on other proposed uses.
Customized service
Boton Air provides customized design service in order to meet the site requirements and get a better performance.
Online enquiry
Experienced sales and engineers provide professional proposal and follow your enquiry promptly.
Free spare parts
For each shipment, Boton Air also sends some necessary spare parts without extra cost that guarantee an efficient after sales service.
Video support
Boton Air makes various videos for technical support to let our customers to know more about our ESP filters.
Field installation
Boton Air provides oversea service of filed installation, commissioning and training for our customers.
Field maintenance
Boton Air provides oversea service of field maintenance and repair service for our customers.
1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a honest, serious and skilled electrostatic precipitator manufacturer in China and our engineering team has been involved in the electrostatic air filter business for more than 15 years.
2. What is the function of electrostatic precipitator?
Collecting and cleaning exhaust gas for commercial and industrial use to help factory owners solve air pollution problem and reach local environmental policies.
3. Why we should reduce air pollution?
For the one hand, everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. Air pollution harms environment and brings ecological disaster.
For the other hand, The restaurants owners and factories are obliged to abide by the policies of the local environmental protection department or it would be subjected to complaints from neighbors and fined or even shut down by the local government department. Smoke Hood Exhaust System for sale


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