C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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Fully automatic C purlin roll forming machine
Machine characteristics
Our machine can meet the production of many different thickness materials. The standard thickness of the machine is 1-3mm. If the customer has special requirements for the thickness of the machine, we can customize a new machine for the customer.
The change of the size of the plate is realized by the electric button, so the operation is simple and saves more time for the customer.
Our machines have three transmission styles. According to customer needs, the machine can be designed as motor transmission, servo motor transmission and hydraulic motor transmission.
The machine integrates punching, forming and cutting, with high automation and high production efficiency. It is a good machine with high quality and low price.
Our factory
BoTou golden integrity roll forming machine Co.,Ltd starts roll forming machine since 1998.
We know well the requirements for the customers from different countries and have an outstanding export teams who will take care of your requests. Our experts and skilled workers complete the work with great precision.
We provide an extensive line of products, including roof and wall panel machine, tile roof machine, purlin forming machine, shutter door machine, floor decking machine and other associated equipment.
Our products have been sold worldwide over 90 countries including America, the UK, Australia, India, Sri Lanka South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria etc.
Equipment arrange drawing
Decoiler--sheet Guiding--coil strip leveling--roll forming鈥?punching for horizontal hole)--punching for vertical hole--measure length--cutting the panel--panel to supporter.
Structure Introduction
(1) Feeding and Leveling
Receiving the raw material (steel sheet), it guarantees the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity. Please refer to the equipment regulation for knowing the function of locate angle iron.
Feeding device includes two guide shafts and two guide rollers;
Leveling device includes two sets pinch rollers and one set leveling rollers (up 3, down 4);
Material: 45# steel, rough turning, heat treatment HRC50-55, precision grinding, polishing and hard chrome plating;
(2) Main roll forming machine
Roller stations: 14 stations including roll forming, ribbing, straightening; Equipped with 4 sets of replacement modules, the size is adjusted by the electric button.
Roller material: main roller GCr15, auxiliary roller Cr12, tempering, rough turning, heat treatment HRC58-60, CNC fine turning, polishing and hard chrome plating;
Main shaft material: hydraulic driving shaft 40Cr, other shaft 45# steel, tempering HB210-230, rough turning, precision grinding, polishing and hard chrome plating; Main shaft diameter: 酶75mm;
Rib type: "涓€" type and straight;Rib size changing: manyally;
Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel;
Punching: The bottom of the profile is punched with a single hole + punched double hole, with round holes 桅14mm and 桅16mm and long holes 28脳16mm and 28脳14mm. The device comes standard with single and double holes of 28 x 16mm.
Transmission type: by chain;
Machine Colors: as per customer request;
Speed of forming: 15-25m/min (it is depend on the punch holes quantity).
(3)Post punching system
Punch for two sides hole and one bottom hole. PLC control punch quantity and vertical position; horizontal position adjust manually.
Punching Type: Cylinder press Punching;
The maximum thickness of material: 3mm;
The standard whole size: 28mm*16mm (option: 桅14mm, 桅16mm, 28mm*14mm);
Punching material: Cr12.
(4) Machine material
In order to get high quality product, our machine adopts welded steel frame structure, AC frequency conversion motor reducer drive, chain transmission, roller surfaces polishing, hard plating, heat treatment and chrome coating.
Roller chrome coated thickness: 0.05 mm
Shaft material: 40CR heat treatment, coated
Roller Material:Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
(5)Electrical control cabinet (PLC control system)
Control the quantity & punching length & cutting length automatically;
The machine will be stopped while it is punching and cutting;
Automatic length measurement and quantity counting (precision 3m+/-2mm);
Size of PLC control box: approx. 600mm(L)x1000mm(H)x500mm(W);
Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase 50Hz;
Touch screen brand: WEINVIEW from TAIWAN;
Encoder brand : OMRON from JAPAN;
Other electric parts brand: SCHNEIDER from FRANCE;
Purlin size change motor: 0.75KW * 3;
The change size current distribution box: 1PC in the middle of the machine.
Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
2. Delivery time: about 45 workdays
3. Port of loading: port of Xiamen
4. Type of payment: by T/T or by L/C
5. Export: Australia, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil ,Israel ,Dubai, Russia ,India, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia ,Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar ,Vietnam, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, etc.
6.The machine will be packaged with plastic film before shipping to prevent scratches. For the key components of the electric control box, wooden boxes will be used for packaging. After the machine is loaded into the container, our workers will conduct a comprehensive reinforcement process.
After nearly 20 years of development, our factory has been recognized by a number of domestic and international certification agencies, so our machines can be well adapted to the certification requirements of different countries and customers for machine quality testing.
After service
First of all, before the machine is shipped, we will conduct a comprehensive test and inspection of the machine to ensure that there are no problems in all aspects of the machine, and then we will be ready to ship the customer.
When the machine is shipped, it will be cleaned and tidy to ensure the cleanliness of the machine. Packing the machine with plastic film can prevent the machine from getting dirty on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can also protect the machine.
After the machine is placed in the container, our workers will carry out a comprehensive reinforcement process to ensure the safety of the machine.
After the customer receives the machine, we can help the customer install and use the machine, and support online guidance. If the customer is still not able to master the installation and use of the machine, we can send the corresponding professional engineer to the country where the customer is located to help the customer Install the machine and know how the customer's workers operate and use it.
Within 1 year of using the machine, if there are various quality problems, we will provide free assistance to customers so that they can buy satisfactory machines.C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
website:http://www.jcxrollformer-china.com/stee ... g-machine/


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