FRANCK MULLER 7851 CH ST RD Cintree Curvex Crazy Hour Replica Watch

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FRANCK MULLER 7851 CH ST RD Cintree Curvex Crazy Hour Replica Watch

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HM6's ultimate takeoff spectacular

The HM6 is a different machine created by other brands: MB&F.MB&F Horological Machine N7 aquapod red sapphire, The fascinating MaxBüsser (and his friends) once again created something more than just a clock, we can call the clock machine without hesitation. The HM6 is a symbol of futuristic watch design, a true alien in the world's luxury timepieces, and invites any watch enthusiast to space, why not reinvent the meaning of time. MaxBüsser has decided that this will be the final version of his Horological Machine No 6, so he decided to baptize its "space pirate": you better catch it quickly and then disappear forever... into space.

Reliable engine

In itself, the nature of the HM6 timepiece has not changed much. This incredible case-shaped clock has the same engine as the original "watch". It takes more than three years to develop the HM6 space pirate movement. This is not surprising when people look at the size of the watch, the complexity of the movement, and the geometry of the components that need to be mechanically activated. Hundreds of components that need to work seamlessly under multiple sapphire glass: a sapphire dome dedicated to time space, a sapphire dome dedicated to minute space, a large central sapphire dome tourbillon dedicated to space, and finally Two sapphire dome fins are on the top and are used to adjust the turbine of the watch's winding.

The hemispherical hour and minute indicator located below the sapphire dome at the bottom of the watch is crafted from solid aluminum blocks.HUBLOT MP-11 POWER RESERVE 14 DAYS SAPPHIRE 911.JX.0102.RW, In the case of the original HM6, their color thus perfectly matches the color of the case, then titanium. These time indicators appear to float in space and are located on vertical gemstone bearings at a 90° angle compared to the movement. This kind of timepiece is extremely difficult to achieve, and it is rare to see it. Every element of the pirate of the watch machine space is fascinating: the design of the watch, the design of the movement, the movement of the tourbillon, and of course the shape of the bubble provided by the sapphire dome.

The tourbillon takes you into space
The development of the tourbillon movement of the Horological Machine Space Pirate was a special development journey initiated by Maximilian Büsser and his friends. In fact, the entire development of the tourbillon is limited by the available space under the sapphire dome. This space is too small for the upper bridge of the classic balance wheel, you can choose to fly the tourbillon. Busser's Space Pirate is a very unique and spectacular feat that is a retractable shield that can be mechanically activated using the crown on the left side of the chassis. As for the two turbines located below the upper sapphire dome, they are also machined from solid aluminum blocks. These turbines are activated by the movement of the rotor located on the back of the best swiss replica watches.

Final version of space pirates

For the final version of the space pirate, its unique design, futuristic shell, sapphire dome and a unique interpretation of time, Maximilian Büsser hopes to complete its tradition through a steel case. After the titanium and gold versions, the steel plate is still missing to close the HM6 ring. The engine of this new declination remains unchanged because the shape of the case has two advanced domes for the turbine, two lower domes for hours and minutes, and a central dome for the tourbillon movement. . Of course, the shield still exists and can function as needed to cover and protect the tourbillon movement from outside interference.

The steel Horological Machine Space Pirate is a true collector, producing only 8 units. This watch is mounted on a blue leather strap that perfectly matches the hours of blue and the minute under the two lower sapphire crystal domes. The steel case is polished around the dome and has a vertical satin brush between the upper sapphire and the lower sapphire for extra movement. A timepiece that is definitely a pirate, it will definitely make you embark on a journey in space.Bovet Dimier RECITAL 17 R170002

Technical specifications
HM6 - Technical details


Dedicated to developing HM6 by MB&F 3D Watch Engine David Candaux Watch Creative

60-second flying tourbillon with retractable shield

Platinum 950 Tomahawk automatic winding rotor

Double aluminum turbine driven by winding rotor

Power reserve: 72 hours

Balance frequency: 18,000bph / 2.5Hz

Number of components: 475 (HM6 Alien Nation is 496)

Number of jewels: 68

Function / indication:

Hours and minutes on separate hemispherical aluminum indications

The left crown opens/closes the tourbillon guard; the right crown is used for time setting and winding

Twin turbine regulated automatic winding rotor


HM6Ti: Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) Titanium

HM6 RT: 18K 5N + red gold and Ti-6Al-4V (5 grade) titanium

HM6-SV: Two transparent sapphire crystal sandwich structures on either side of the central precious metal case, 18K 5N + red gold or platinum 950.

HM6 Alien Nation: Sapphire crystal, white gold alien and 4 different spacer colors.

HM6 FE: Stainless steel.


Ti, RT and final version: 49.5 x 52.3 x 20.4 mm

SV + Alien Nation Editions: 50 x 51 x 22.7 mm

Number of components:

HM6 Ti and RT: 80

HM6-SV: 78

HM6 Alien Country: 95

HM6 FE: 85

Water resistance: 30m / 90' / 3atm

Sapphire crystal:

10 sapphire crystals: 9 domes (4 hours and minutes indication, 4 for turbines, 1 for tourbillon) and one flat (showing the back); 2 additional sapphire crystal plates for SV and Alien Nation versions; Alien Nation's sapphire crystal case.

Strap and buckle:

Hand-stitched calfskin strap for HM6 Ti and RT; crocodile leather strap for HM6-SV, HM6 Alien Nation and HM6 Final Edition. Custom-designed folding buckles match the case material.


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